Item #: SCP-466

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: It is sealed within a large containment cell. Its head is locked inside a stainless steel box. If SCP-466 breaches containment it is to be suppressed using flamethrowers.

Description: SCP-466 is the animated combination of the cardiovascular systems of four different people, plus the head of the original person. Originally it was the cardiovascular system of one person which somehow became independent of its original body. It obtained the additional three systems by attacking several doctors that were trying to help it after it appeared to die.

Additional Context: SCP-466's rewrite is one of the most atypical rewrites on the Wiki yet. The original article consisted of everything in the ORIGINAL folder, and the rewrite added the four folders beside it, meaning that the rewrite is more of an external expansion than a full retcon.

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