Item #: SCP-4555

Laconic Containment Procedures: Since SCP-4555 is more just a fact of life than it is an anomaly, it is to be reclassed to Explained once civilian technology becomes capable of detecting it. In the meantime all data about it is to be protected as classified data normally would be.

Laconic Description: SCP-4555 denotes a grouping of extra-universal objects consisting of SCP-4555-A through -D and -Ω:

  • SCP-4555-A is a race of super smart aliens from another universe that developed to the point where they became aware of every single fact and aspect of their universe there was, effectively reaching the end of progress itself. They figured though that there were limitations on their species that prevented them from knowing more information, so they created our universe and us to discover things they can't comprehend, like love and morality. They also put a barrier around our universe that will prevent us from leaving until we have sufficient technology to do what they did and create a "child" universe of our own to further the idea of learning.
  • SCP-4555-B is a device used to communicate all of this.
  • SCP-4555-C is a test chamber universe made by SCP-4555-A for testing universe-creation.
  • SCP-4555-D is a document from another universe's SCP Foundation talking about the possible dangers to multiverse timelines posed by going between universes.
  • SCP-4555-Ω is a hypothetical "final" universe at the end of time that is the end result of information getting passed along from universe to universe, gathering more and more information as the progress of sentience went on. In it is theorized to be one single consciousness capable of knowing, simulating, and "dreaming" every possible fact of every possible universe that led up to its creation. In the words of O5-9, it is

"Our legacy. Every single piece of knowledge, every feeling, and thought, and idea, every strongest love and deepest hate, metaphysics, storytelling, further ideas I cannot even hope to comprehend. The full knowledge of every possible intelligence, arranged in every possible way, all churning and bubbling and moving inside the thoughts of a single being with infinite memory. With enough space inside its head to simulate all of history in an instant, to dream the entire process leading to its creation in a night."

Basically, it's God, the epitome of intelligence.

Additional Context: SCP-4555 was an entry in the SCP-4000 Contest, where it won 60th place.

SCP-4555's nickname "The Last Last Question" is a reference to a popular science fiction and philosophy story called "The Last Question" written by American author Isaac Asimov in the 1950s.

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