Item #: SCP-4488

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: Don't let people near it.

Laconic Description: A lake in Montana but people can pass through the bottom and enter an infinite void of saltwater. The Foundation sends 4 D-Class with in a submarine into the void, where they travel uninterrupted for hundreds of kilometers before they start hallucinating fish, lights, and a giant blue eel outside the sub that are not visible on camera. The exploration log ends with a fifth person joining the conversation, all their lines in a fancy font that stands out from the article's default font, as the sub appears to collide with something massive and explode. A message at the bottom of the page notes that you have been infected with a cognitohazard; half of the message is interrupted with the fifth entity speaking to the reader, challenging them to wonder that lurks in the dark.

Additional Context: The article's nickname is "Thalassophobia," or the fear of the sea or sea travel, and is understandably fitting for an article featuring such a subject.

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