Item #: SCP-445-EX

Object Class: Explained

Laconic Containment Procedures: There are no containment procedures.

Laconic Description: SCP-445-EX are multiple origami kits from Dr. Wondertainment, each kit containing 36 square pieces of construction paper that when salt is poured over it, sensors are calibrated to activate dielectric elastomers that result in movement in the construction paper that are thematically appropriate to what it is folded into.

Because Dr. Wondertainment usually produces anomalous objects, they were initially given an SCP number when discovered in stores in the US. However the natural and mundane effects were discovered, recreated and even their arrival at the storefront is non-anomalous. The factory it was produced in also had no anomalous workers except for two workers from Wonder World.

Eventually, it was decided to call the number listed on the back of the instruction booklets provided. The interviewer would ask why the anomalous properties usually expected are missing and the respondent is somewhat uncomfortable in answering until the interviewer reveals to be from the Foundation. The respondent's voice changes into another voice, claiming to be Holly Light who was formerly Dr. Wondertainment. She offers to meet in person and they agree to meet at a coffee shop near Boston.

Dr. Everwood would meet Holly Light and record their conversation. Light explains that birthrates are falling and people are losing hope, and this is causing Light to feel a lot less wonder and a lot less hope as well. Due to her falling hope, she appointed Judy Papill as the new Dr. Wondertainment. The company has realized that it is impossible to give magical toys to every child and fill all of them with the wonder they wish to spread. Judy believed that giving these magic toys to only those already with magic in their lives is pointless, and it would be better to create hope and wonder in every child rather than a select few. The company has realized that they have to compromise with the Foundation and created SCP-445 to attract their attention and negotiate a deal.

The company wishes to begin to create non-anomalous toys to distribute to the non-anomalous community and act as a normal company and wants the Foundation's support in doing so.

Eventually, the O5 Council unanimously agreed with the compromise and the research team for Dr. Wondertainment moved into Wonder World. Dr. Everwood would retire.

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