Item #: SCP-4444

Object Class: Ticonderoga (Item cannot be contained but does not need to be contained)

Laconic Containment Procedures: It is to always be under surveillance, should not be arrested, should be calmed down if it gets upset, and should not appear in public frequently. The Foundation will work with the FBI Unusual Incidents Unit to achieve this.

Laconic Description: SCP-4444 is an invisible pyramid in the head of former Vice President Al Gore. It can only be seen with in infrared. It calls itself "Garber Gore" and can talk with some difficulty. Its species takes over the minds of intelligent creatures and eventually kills the planet by generating greenhouse gasses. However they only attempt this if they first control the mind of the most powerful individual in that world. It confused the positions of Vice President and President, and decided to remedy this by running in the 2000 presidential election.

Events leading up to the election: The Foundation and FBI work to prevent SCP-4444 from winning the election. Governor Bush was injured in a hunting accident, so they use SCP-963 to replace his mind with Dr. Bright. Disinformation campaigns are initiated to discredit Al Gore. A leaked question during a presidential debate resulted in SCP-4444 causing a scene and running away. When Florida was called for Gore, emergency protocols were activated to ensure Bush won the election.

Additional Context: SCP-4444 was an entry in the SCP-4000 contest where it won 2nd place.

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