Item #: SCP-4415

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-4415 is self-contained at Site-17 and can only be explored by anomalous humanoids contained at Site-17.

Laconic Description: SCP-4415 is a humanoid containment unit, inside of which are several alternate dimensions that can only be accessed by anomalous humanoids. These dimensions are naturally inhabited by one anomalous humanoid each and appear to be a paradise for said humanoid. All of these inhabitants appear to have been injured in some capacity. Locations include:

  • A forest with a girl who can control plants.
  • A virtual reality with a boy who can control the environment.
  • A house on a cliff with an old man.
  • A purple space with a amorphous entity with the minds of two girls who can predict the future.
  • A large library with no inhabitant.

Several addenda explaining SCP-4415's origin are present but can only be viewed by the site director. In an email exchange between a researcher and the site director, the former sends a transcript of a book retrieved from the library, seemingly written by the creator of SCP-4415, which claims the humanoids inside the containment unit are deceased test subjects abused by the site director and resurrected by a reality bending entity. The site director responds by using amnestics to wipe the researcher's memory.

Additional Context: This article uses characters from other articles written by NagirosNagiros, including Rainer and Site Director Graham from SCP-4051, Natalie Reems from APAS, and Dr. Weathers and Samuel Veras from He Who Screws With Reality.

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