Item #: SCP-4402

Laconic Containment Procedures: Put every copy of it in a big, secure room. Put them in safes if they're small enough. If you want to get near the copies, you have to take Class H amnestics (they stop you from making new memories) first.

Don't tell anyone what's written in it. If anyone finds out, put them to sleep until someone can do brain surgery on them.

Laconic Description: SCP-4402 is a shopping list. If you write or type the shopping list anywhere, you can't erase it or change it. The place you wrote it down on also becomes indestructible. If anyone reads the list, the same thing happens to their brain. They can't ever forget the list (even with amnestics) and the part of the brain holding the memory becomes invulnerable to everything. If you can't read it or make memories of it, it does nothing.

The shopping list ends with "P.S. Take the chicken out of the freezer." You can change this with whatever you want. Anything you write here becomes a part of the anomaly.

It deletes other info if there isn't enough space for itself, so we can't use it to memorize important things.

Addendum 4402-A: Someone accidentally sent a copy to an e-mail server and the entire server became a part of it. A lot of people got brain damage when they opened their e-mails.

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