The Lunatic's Medallion

Item #: SCP-4285

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: The Medallion is kept inside a tempered glass case. Personnel cannot come in contact with the medallion only level 3 or above may observe the object. if it were to be touched grave consequences would occur and the person who comes in contact will go mentally deranged as well as increased muscle mass and a significant decrease in knowledge

Laconic Description: The medallion is a gold medallion with mysterious symbols written on the edges and a sapphire in the middle. It glows ominously every 12-14 hours and mumbles can be heard in a 4-meter distance. A face will occasionally appear in the medallion, when the face appears it has been said to give off a hypnotic glare and shows your deepest desires on the gemstone (this can range from power, lust, wealth Etc.)

additional context: this scp was created a while ago but i decided to post this now since my writing skills were abysmal back then and i was to shy to share my thoughts and ideas

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