Item #: SCP-4260

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-4260 is contained in a special, subterranean facility by a device called a Strayer Density Matrix, which pulls SCP-4260’s many non-physical parts together so it can be physical.

SCP-4260 will be killed and reanimated during Procedure 8917 by the following Mobile Task Forces:

  • MTF Gamma-8 ("Baphomites”): Will operate the Strayer Density Matrix.
  • MTF Xi-2 ("Out of the Shadows Come We, Darkly”): Will kill SCP-4260.
  • MTF Tau-900 ("Deliverance”): Because killing SCP-4260 gives everyone immortality from the resulting ΩK-Class ("End-of-Death") Scenario, they will track down any civilians who survived death and kill them.

The Foundation keeps two versions of the SCP-4260 article, one for low-level researchers containing many omissions and another for the O5s.

Laconic Description: SCP-4260 is Death, who is herself dying. She approached the Foundation with the hope they could save her, but because they don’t know how, they decide to use her to prevent the deaths of O5s by killing and reviving her.

Because they could not stop Death from dying completely, Foundation Administrator Ethan Horowitz offered to become the heir of Death in a ritual. The ritual was successful, but Horowitz is now extremely powerful and may inadvertently kill everyone if the Strayer Density Matrices in his containment chamber fail, a situation termed a χK-Class ("Crowning-of-Death") Scenario. The article ends with Horowitz stating that it is the Foundation’s secondary directive to kill Death, but only if that scenario can result in a better life for all humanity. Until our technology increases to the point where deathless life is freed from its problems, Horowitz will remain beneath the earth, waiting for the day he will die.

Additional Context: The author, NagirosNagiros, is planning on using Administrator Horowitz in a story appearing throughout her articles. More appearances are planned.

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