Item #: SCP-420

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Special Containment Procedures: SCP-420 is to be contained in storage locker 1014-420 at Site-██. Level three (3) clearance is required to remove it from storage.

Laconic Description: SCP-420 is a whiskey bottle. When someone drinks from the bottle, which will replenish over time, they will begin to experience a number of non-fatal bodily mutations. This begins with unsuspecting symptoms such as a dry throat but progresses to the point the skin of the subject becomes a different organism.

The skin will use the hosts body as a puppet and seek out sources of food, where it is then folded into the skin layer to be absorbed by the blood. The host does not die at any point, though the majority will have gone insane as a result.

Additional Context: Hehe funny number

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