Item #: SCP-4187

Laconic Containment Procedures: All roads leading to it are to be diverted away, and SCP-4187-1 is to be fed three heifers daily.

Laconic Description: Two symbiotic entities, one in the form of a Burger King restaurant (SCP-4187-2) and the other in the form of a Burger King roadside sign (SCP-4187-1).

SCP-4187-1 is a nocturnal predator that appears as a standard Burger King roadside sign, it moves through spontaneous teleportation and, at nightfall it will seek out any mammal in its vicinity and consume them. It will then reappear in its usual place, alongside SCP-4187-2.

SCP-4187-2 is the Burger King restaurant building, any customer can enter the building and can order food from the Self Serve Kiosk, the food served will resemble common Burger King food, but will be entirely made out of the diet of SCP-4187-2.

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