Item #: SCP-4156

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Keep an eye on SCP-4156-1 and its inhabitants from Site-98. Continually monitor and maintain normalcy inside of the area as well.

Description: SCP-4156 is a town in what used to be Ohio that has been anomalously restored to what it looked like before the collapse of human civilisation caused by the destruction of SCP-2000. It is inhabited by artificial humans created en masse by a set of machines.

An addendum documents several times normalcy was not maintained, such as when new humans were defective, barrier technology failed, or invaders from outside attacked.

An additional addendum at the end notes that the project director, Simon Caul was going out of his way to subtly turn SCP-4156-2 members into people he knew before the end of the world. After the attack from invaders, he realizes that the old world is truly gone forever, and kills himself in despair.

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