Item #: SCP-413

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: Vehicle entrances have been walled off and other entrances kept under armed guard willing to use lethal force. Authorized personnel must enter wearing a GPS and a tethered harness. If everything hits the van, the building is to be leveled by airstrike.

Laconic Description: SCP-413 is a sapient four-story parking garage that can change the layout and dimensions of of each of its levels, communicating through signs and painted lettering. The inside has a subliminal low-frequency humming that relaxes the parts of the human brain responsible for navigation and balance, gradually hindering those inside and potentially getting worse with further exposure.

SCP-413 is all-around juvenile and mischievous as it finds switching things up on people is far more fun than being a normal building. It can be awfully wrathful, however, as the Foundation found a group of teenagers that vandalized some vehicles and SCP-413's walls. The five teenagers were kept in a labyrinth for over three months, surviving off of water fountains and vending machines.

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