Item #: SCP-4126

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Cointament Procedures: SCP-4126 It is stored in a containment closet in Area-12 folded in a room with padding on the ceiling, floor and walls, when you can walk around Area-12, when consenting, SCP-4126 must remain within 3 meters of his supervisor, a level 2 employee.

Laconic Description: SCP-4126 It is a common white sheet, electronic devices at 0.914 meters from SCP-4126 often have problems with radio frequency.

In certain lunar phases and before days of hallowen, SCP-4126 will become SCP-4126-B, SCP-4126 in the form of SCP-4126-B will appear as if an invisible individual is under SCP-4126.

SCP-4126-B Can speak English natively, and often scares the Foundation's staff with "Boo" and pranks.

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