Item #: SCP-4104

Laconic Containment Procedures: We're first shown that we're logging into the SCiPNET Login for "ITalbot1992", followed by a warning that the following file is LEVEL 4/4104 restricted- but something's wrong. "ANY ATTEMPT TO ACCESS THIS FILE WITHOUT LEVEL 4/4104 AUTHORIZATION WILL BE LOGGED AND WILL LEAD TO NOTHING. THIS ARTICLE IS A LIE, AND WAS ALL I COULD FIND FOR YOU." This is presumably Talbot talking to us.

After Interview 4104-3, all data of SCP-4104 is to be purged, and all other data is to be kept by Senior Researcher Dr. Mǒqù Sen. All personnel who are affected by the SCP are to undergo psychiatric treatment before going back to everyday life.

Laconic Description: SCP-4104 is, in the beginning, described as a shared hallucination induced by stress from working too much and paranoia, following a published incident report. Those affected by this SCP were reportedly imagining events, things, and people, all of which never existed.

Those involved with the SCP were all reported to not ever have existed, which some people theorized had something to do with antimemetics, with affected people losing memories, but this was proven not to be the case after an interview with site security showed that their memories and events that had happened did not tally.

There are also a few 404 - file not found errors strewn around here and there.

At this point, Talbot talks to us again, saying- "Hey. Do you see what's missing? Aside from… Everything. There's only so much a man can dig up from nothing. It's okay! I have something else for you. I think it'll clear things up. Did you know that Mǒqù is Chinese for "to erase, to blot out?" …? Okay. I'll spit it out. Someone else needs to know- because I knew. …yeah. I knew. I'll let you read for yourself."

We are then shown an interview log where Talbot confronts Mǒqù Sen, and then gets erased. He then closes off back outside the interview log with "To erase, to blot out."

Tl;dr: SCP-4104 is when people remember things that don't exist due to a 'doctor' erasing various people, objects, and events out of existence.

Additional Context: This SCP was created for Cliche-con, where authors aim to include cliches in their SCP entry. The author specifies that "as this is for Cliche-con, I’d like to specify that the cliches are; POI gets one over on the Foundation (manages to cover up an SCP), super scary murder monster, and compulsion. Compulsion is minor and the murder monster is… not what you may expect."

Additionally, I believe that the author is referring to 抹去, which does indeed refer to the action of erasing.

On a personal note, though, this sort of name rarely comes by- the equivalent would be a person named "Erasing".

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