Item #: SCP-4100

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-4100 is an unusual article in that it is not written by the SCP Foundation but rather a sort of galaxy-wide political organization referred to as "The Stellar Congressional Protectorate," or SCP. The document is written in the distant future from the perspective of aliens that have discovered and cataloged Earth as they have found it.

Laconic Description: SCP-4100 is Earth in the distant future, with the SCP Foundation being referred in the article to as "the Triumvirate." The main feature of the article is several pictographs supposedly found in Foundation satellites describing various SCPs, protocols, and events. Ten of these are included.

The article notes that Earth had become abandoned after "a Class-10 Behemoth Entity," also implied throughout the article to actually be the Scarlet King attacked the planet. Later details reveal that the Foundation weaponized the entirety of Earth against the entity by somehow launching it at faster-than-light speeds, almost completely obliterating both of them. One of the last transmissions from Earth before its destruction was the following broadcast:

We've been waiting for you, SCP-4100.
We're not here anymore. We've long since left. We don't die in the darkness anymore.
We've won.
We're living in stellar light. Humanity has fled you. The Protectorate will thrive.
We can't contain you. But we can destroy you. We've waited for millennia to say this:
Our planet has FTL. And I don't mean our ships.

Additional Context: SCP-4100 has been repeatedly applauded for its creative approach to storytelling using intricate pictographs instead of outright stating information, with all of the pictographs based off of the Arecibo message.

SCP-4100 was an entry in the SCP-4000 Contest, where it won 5th place.

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