Item #: SCP-4096

Object Class: Euclid Debated

Laconic Containment Procedures: The SCP Foundation itself is now contained by its own definition. A way to return the Foundation to normal is currently being investigated.

Laconic Description: SCP-4096 is a topological manifold1 within a portion of a wall in an office in England. It can be used to flip two sides of an antithetical dichotomy, such as light/dark, tall/small, or contained/container. It moves 0.4 cm north each year.

After experimenting with it, the SCP Foundation itself becomes reversed. Since they usually try to contain anomalies, the reversal makes it so the anomalies (SCP-4096 in this case) has contained the Foundation.

Now the Foundation is trying to "breach containment," and restore things back to normal.

Additional Context: SCP-4096 was an entry in the "Tag Free" Contest, a Contest where there goal is to write an SCP with as few things in common with other SCPs as possible.

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