Item #: SCP-4069

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: If a Foundation personnel dies, monitor their account's activity to see if they went to SCP-4069.

Encourage everyone in the Foundation to get back ups of their consciousnesses made.

Laconic Description: SCP-4069 is an extra-universal location resembling a Foundation office space where Foundation personnel's consciousnesses go when they die.

The room possesses a single door which can be opened and entered usually to experience how another Foundation personnel died. Upon "dying" in the area past the door, or SCP-4069-A, you reappear in the room.

The only way to escape is to have a copy of your consciousness inserted into a new body in real life, upon which you'll wake up in the new body. Otherwise you're trapped there forever.

Additional Context: C-51174, or Agent Cyrus Trauss, is killed by SCP-3069, enters SCP-4069, and edits an SCP page asking the Foundation for help. They notice his messages and eventually insert his backed up consciousness into a new body, allowing him to escape. This is detailed in the attached Tale, Anatomy, Part I.

SCP-4069 is a part of the Ad Astra Per Aspera canon. SCP-4069 was also an entry in the SCP-4000 Contest, where it won 12th place.

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