Item #: SCP-4051

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-4051 used to be in a regular humanoid containment unit and visiting a therapist, but is now housed in a cell surrounded by a set of very complex pistons and has therapy sessions over the two-way PA system in his cell. This is probably because of whatever happened that changed his class from Euclid to Keter.

If he breaks out of containment, have his therapist try to reason with him. If that doesn’t work, have an on-site team of soldiers try to incapacitate him from far away. Make sure he doesn’t realize they’re there.

Laconic Description: SCP-4051 is a teenage boy named Rainer Miller who can create portals and pull small objects out of them. In an attempt to use this anomaly to create amnestics, the Foundation abuses and psychologically damages SCP-4051 until he develops Stockholm Syndrome.

Additional Context: The author, NagirosNagiros, is planning on using the characters from this article in a story appearing throughout ver articles. SCP-4051 has thusfar appeared in SCP-4260, where it reanimates Death. More appearances are planned.

SCP-4051’s story is continued in the supplement, The Beast Beneath the Library.

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