Item #: SCP-4043

Object Class: Archon

Laconic Containment Procedures: Several different Procedures are listed throughout the article.

Laconic Description: SCP-4043 starts as the sum consciousness of all life on the planet, basically Mother Nature. Humanity accidentally kills her, which leads to gradual ecological collapse and threat of worldwide disaster. To fix this, the Foundation creates a new SCP-4043, but finds that it causes a ton of unforeseen dangerous side effects. After a complex psychic ritual, the Foundation kills the consciousness and turns a Foundation psychic into the new one; she then becomes the new SCP-4043 and embraces her duty to maintain order in the natural world.

Additional Context: The article reads as a conversation between a woman and an Artificial Intelligence going through the documents chronologically. The woman eventually realizes that she herself is actually the new Mother Nature finally gaining consciousness following the ritual, and the AI urges her to wake up and save the Earth. It ends with the woman pushing down her mental walls and waking up to the beautiful, wild Earth beyond, ready to heal the damage the Foundation had inadvertently caused.

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