Item #: SCP-4009

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: Maintain a caste system inside SCP-4009 and keep good relations under the Foundation-Mozart Alliance Protocol.

Laconic Description: SCP-4009 is an extradimensional totalitarian state styled after Prague that is populated with SCP-4009-A instances.

SCP-4009-A instances are classical musicians and composers from history. Their bodies are made partially of reality-bending music. They maintain a strict social caste system based on their popularity in life, with the totalitarian Mozart at the top.

The article follows Johann Pachelbel's investigation into Mozart's authority, wherein Pachelbel stumbles across a version of SCP-4009's document that has been distributed to Mozart by the Foundation. In the end he is captured and brainwashed into accepting Mozart as the only true leader.

Additional Context: The totalitarianism, brainwashing, and "Big Brozart is watching you" are references to the book 1984, which discusses such topics, along with the iconic phrase "Big Brother is watching you."

SCP-4009 was an entry in the SCP-4000 Contest, where it won 42nd place.

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