Item #: SCP-4004

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep it in an ultra-secure vault connected to Site-02, keep tabs on anyone that knows about it, keep the number of people that know about it to an absolute bare minimum, give the anomaly anything it needs, and don't talk to or directly look at it.

Laconic Description: A collection of numerous anomalous objects including the corpse of Joshua Abraham Norton that has been modified with over two hundred anomalous objects by the now-disbanded American Secure Containment Initiative. The collection is able to manipulate the "noosphere," or the total sum of ideas people can have, resulting in a constant sense of pro-American nationalism and the creation of a general disagreement with anti-American statements. Currently, this manipulation is only able to affect the United States or areas it controls. The corpse is able to move and speak through unknown means.

Mount Rushmore is also a component of SCP-4004 and contains 15% of the anomaly inside of it. Designated SCP-4004-Beta, it is able to anomalously eliminate things it sees as threats to the US, and can affect the flow of information to make those threats unobservable or alter tectonic activity to destroy them.

Given that SCP-4004 has access to (not to mention control of) modern media, it saw and reacted to several negative events in recent American history, and drafted a declaration addressed to the O5 Council in which it demanded all branches of the US government be vacated so the common man could rule. The Foundation is now considering changing SCP-4004 from Thaumiel to Keter following this declaration due to its potential to destroy any opposition should it turn antagonistic to the US.

Additional Context: SCP-4004 was an entry in the SCP-4000 Contest, where it won 7th place.

Additionally, the note at the end suggests that SCP-4004 wants to dismantle the current ruling structure of the US entirely, and given that the author of SCP-4004 goes by the name "Communism will win," it is heavily implied that SCP-4004 wants to replace the Republic system with a Communist one.

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