Item #: SCP-4001

Laconic Containment Procedures: Maintain a secure bunker around its current location, and don’t let any unauthorized personnel in. Only Level 4 and above personnel are eligible for review to enter, and when entering, no fire, guns, or bladed weapons of any kind are allowed; writing utensils may be brought in if granted permission by a majority vote by the O5 Council.

Laconic Description: The original article has so much information in it that this is still an abridged version of it, so bear with me and give it a read.

SCP-4001 is a vast subterranean library several hundred meters wide and hundreds of kilometers long packed with bookshelves and accompanying books. Each book represents the life story of a human individual and lists nearly every single detail of their lives; every human ever, dead or alive, has a book about them somewhere in the library. There are no books for non-human entities. At the time of documentation there are 120 billion books, shelved and ordered according to the individual’s date of birth, though this number is ever-increasing. Taking, reading, scanning, or photographing, books has no adverse reactions; misplacing a book or trying to take it out of the library will cause the book to teleport back to its original place.

Rewriting the contents of a book will rewrite that person’s history retroactively, however some events or courses of causality that are rewritten in SCP-4001 books are “sticky,” and will happen through different means; for example, a researcher was cured of cancer but it returned within a few months, or dead people were written to have come back to life only to die of various complications soon after. Adding fictional people to the shelves will result in them manifesting and quickly dying.

An entity describing itself as “The Watcher of Alexandria Eternal,” or SCP-4001-1 lives within the library and has allegedly survived there for over 2000 years by altering the time of his death on his own scroll. After an interview with the Foundation, he is allowed to see the sky for the first time in thousands of years and dies of natural causes shortly after.

SCP-4001-2 is a pair of robots created to scan and log every book in the library. After researchers began to feel affectionate towards them, a book about them appeared in the library, making them the only non-Humans to have a book about them. One researcher believes the library is sentient and regards the robots as “librarians” or sorts.

An Addendum entry available to O5 personnel at the bottom of the page details attempts to discovery what lies underneath the library. After a sample of carpet was removed, a layer of ash was found, sampled, and the exploration ended. Analysis of the ash implies a massive amount of paper and wood was burned at that location over 80,000 years ago; this is linked to a tale in which a precursor race of humans called Homo Nobilis wipes themselves out in a nuclear war, save for a single woman, who burns the library to retroactively restart humanity. After the library burns, the story follows a cavewoman who discovers the ashen remains of the library and unintentionally edits her own book, a stone tablet with images on it, and kickstarts modern humanity.

Further on, a note from the lead Archivist warning the Foundation to respect the library or face dire consequences.

Additional Context: SCP-4001 was an entry in the SCP-4000 Contest, where it won 8th place.

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