Item #: SCP-3999

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-3999 is not able to be contained.

Laconic Description: SCP-3999 is a reality bender/the author of the page. At the start, it is in the process of destroying the universe. SCP-3999, throughout the article, constantly changes everything, while one apparent factor remains the same throughout; A researcher named Talloran is present, and constantly suffers through what SCP-3999 does. The article goes into further detail by showing events which Researcher Talloran experiences, some of which are insanely absurd.

Eventually, the article descends into chaos, repeating the word "Only" dozens of times, with pleas for help being scattered throughout. After this, it cuts to Researcher Talloran "interviewing" SCP-3999. Researcher Talloran then says he feels numb to SCP-3999's effect, and it doesn't bother him anymore, as he "survived", and insults SCP-3999 for "being a brute." Researcher Talloran then explains that if he kills SCP-3999, everything will revert back to normal.

The article then cuts to what is presumed to be SCP-3999 writing — they describe their thought process towards their re-writing of the article continuously, until they describe a dream sequence where Researcher Talloran manages to kill them, in brutal detail, before waking up.

SCP-3999 then, in the article, writes conflicting statements about themself amidst a large amount of lines all possessing only ellipses, appearing to represent SCP-3999's inner struggle. Finally, the article ends in an in-universe document, in which SCP-3999 is "neutralized", and Researcher Talloran is dead in a containment chamber. It is assumed he killed himself, and indirectly killed SCP-3999 in the process.

Additional Context: SCP-3999 won 5th place in the SCP-3000 contest. SCP-3999 was the last SCP its author would contribute to the site (in reality it is the second-to-last, and they still write tales once in a while) — they also explained that SCP-3999 is a metaphor for their thought process and psyche.

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