Item #: SCP-3999

Object Class: Apollyon Neutralized

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-3999 is now Neutralized.

Laconic Description: SCP-3999 is LordStonefishLordStonefish, the author of the page, who is trying to write an SCP. The world described in the article constantly changes, with entire paragraphs being struck out to show that that idea was deleted during drafting.

Doctor Talloran is the only consistent aspect of the multiverse in the article because that was LordStoneFish's intended main character. As such, all events revolve around Talloran. What follows is a series of nonsense, deleted ideas, and LordStoneFish explaining the context behind their initial idea for the article. This culminates with Talloran killing himself, effectively killing SCP-3999, and ending the article.

Additional Context: SCP-3999 was an entry in the SCP-3000 Contest, where it won 5th place.

According to LordStonefishLordStonefish themself, the article as a whole is a metaphor for their thought process and frustration from trying to figure out how to write an SCP. Note that unlike Talloran, the author did not kill themself in real life, and still occasionally contributes to the site.

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