Item #: SCP-3998

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep it in an airless, fireproof box so it can't ignite. Make sure that D-class at the site have been convicted of murder or domestic abuse.

Laconic Description: Human remains from the 17th century without legs that was turned into a scarecrow. Constantly produces flammable liquid and will try to ignite between 11pm and 4am every day. If it ignites, the nearest person to have killed or abused a romantic partner will also ignite and most likely die.

When she was alive, the witch was forced to marry a man she did not love. A demon decided to help her, and the demon and the witch began to love each other. When the husband found out about this, he burned the witch alive. The demon gave help to the witch, giving her the power to retaliate.

A document at the end of the article reveals that SCP-3998 is the skeleton that belonged to a man.

Additional Context: Written for the SCP-3000 contest.

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