Item #: SCP-3972

Laconic Containment Procedures: A film by Researcher Alyx Romana is the only non-infohazardous way of explaining SCP-3972. The film must be shown to the MTF team responsible for investigating Vytas Andressen's disappearance and the SNCPVW.1 Info about Andressen is to be deleted after stored in three offices available only to personnel immune to high-level infohazards.

If new info about SCP-3972 is learned, Researcher Romana has to update the film.

Laconic Description: Vytas Andressen was an ambassador for the Foundation from 1998 until 2017 when he disappeared. All photographs of Andressen, both physical and digital, disappeared as well, and biographical info about him became anomalous.

The SNCPVW delivered photographs of Andressen, a quote by a French-Lithuanian poet, a note, and a very intricate and complex list of requirements to the Foundation.

SCP-3972 itself is the infohazardous effects of any photographs and biographical information of Vytas Andresson. Nausea and swelling are side-effects of SCP-3872.2 A film by Researcher Alyx Romana was the only way to explain SCP-3872's effects.

Additional Context: This page took the original author (Kate McTiriss) the longest to make out of all of their SCPs. It's also got a long attribution list going for it (the film contained lots of photos and video).

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