Item #: SCP-3940

Laconic Containment Procedures: Since Mel Blanc's death, all SCP-3940 activity has ceased and containment is no longer required.

Laconic Description: The murders of 56 people involved in the production of Bugs Bunny cartoons. All victims were killed by a single arrow shot from seemingly impossible angles without an apparent shooter. All victims died regardless of available medical assistance and all arrows proved impossible to stop before reaching their targets, including one that was detected three miles away from the intended victim that penetrated several meters of concrete before reaching the target. Some arrows have messages containing Bible verses attached to them.

The final SCP-3940 event consisted of 4000 arrows assailing a statue of Bugs Bunny located outside of Warner Bros studios; arrows came from all directions, including underground. A second wave of 372 arrows were lodged in the ground, spelling out the phrase "That's whats up Doc."

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