Item #: SCP-3932

Laconic Containment Procedures: An audio file of SCP-3932 is to be stored digitally in several Foundation databases. Level 3 personnel and higher may access it. It is not to be heard by dolphins, whales, or porpoises. Good relations with the Dolphin Empires are to be maintained at all times.

Laconic Description: SCP-3932 is a vocalization that when heard by a dolphin, whale, or porpoise, will cause the affected animal to transform into SCP-3932-Δ. SCP-3932-Δ instances appear to not have changed but develop minor psychokinetic capabilities, human-level sapience, and the ability to themselves produce SCP-3932 so as to affect members of their pod.

Since having gained intelligence, three Dolphin Empires have arisen:

  • The Great Barrier Reef Confederacy
  • The Great Barrier Reef Empire-In-Exile
  • The Dolphins' Communist Republic of Indonesia

Communication has been established with the Dolphin Empires but teaching them Australian sign language and providing them gloves to manipulate to communicate with.

The Dolphin political climate is strained but slowly improving.

Additional Context: On 2/18/18, a message was sent to the Foundation that stated the dolphin population would no longer be subjugated by humanity and that they would soon rise up. The message is signed by all the Dolphin Empires.

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