Item #: SCP-3930

Object Class: N/A

Laconic Containment Procedures: Only O5 and on-site personnel can know about it, but no one at all is allowed to observe it. Anyone that observes it must enter it. Generally act like it doesn't exist, because after all, it doesn't exist.

Laconic Description: An area of spacetime in Russia that is nonexistent. It is not a void, as a void is something that exists, this is an area that simply isn't. Walking into it will make you cease to exist.

Observing it means observing something that can't be understood by the human mind, so the mind breaks, and a hallucination generated by the human mind's inability to conceive nonexistence begins. This results in the hallucinating individual walking into the anomaly and erasing themselves from existence to end the hallucination.

The hallucination contains aspects described as sentient, but one researcher explains the apparent sentience is only reflections of the human psyche after it has been shattered from observing the anomaly, and that the nothingness acts as a "hateful mirror" in which hateful thoughts are reflected back to the observer as "screamers."

Additional Context: In the words of Reddit user rodgercattelli:

"Knowledge of non-existence is something the mind can't comprehend. So the mind tries to make something of it. But it's nothing, so the mind has to invent something and put that something there. And it is that something that we put there ourselves that is the threat that will emerge from this nothingness."

SCP-3930 was also used in an attempt to terminate SCP-682; the attempt failed, of course.

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