Item #: SCP-3883

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-3883 should be kept in a standard containment locker. You must be level 2 or higher to experiment with SCP-3883.

Laconic Description: SCP-3883 is a green tentacle dildo. SCP-3883 has two properties, the first being that when it is placed in front of a reflective surface, it will display a green tentacled creature, changing depending on what the reflective surface is.

The second property of SCP-3883 is that when a person enters REM sleep within 1.5 meters of it, they will dream of a deity-like green tentacled creature, which makes threats and eventually kills the dreamer, allowing them to wake up.

In testing logs, it revealed that SCP-3883 is disappointed it is a sex toy, and describes how it wants to be a monster, and it expresses it's desires in the dreams. It's then described how one D-Class is given weekly to SCP-3883 to increase it's self-esteem.

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