Item #: SCP-3881

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Special Containment Procedures: Put it in a locked box.

Laconic Description: SCP-3881 is a gold cosmetically altered wedding ring. Upon wearing the ring, the user is teleported to a clearing in a forest. In the clearing is a small house with a thatched roof. Inside is mildly used furniture and old clothes of an adult male.

The ring was found after being sold at a pawn shop by one Pamela Smith. She stated that it felt cursed to her, and she never wore it. She brought out a letter by one Howard Watts, saying that he was being chased and about to die. He sent the ring as well, stating "Will you marry a dead man?"

Additional Context: The thing is, Howard had a ring as well. That's why there are male clothes. He waited. He waited and waited and waited, in the little dimension, but Pamela never wore the ring. She never knew what he meant by the letter. Years passed, never knowing that everything lay before her if only she could summon the courage to put it on. Eventually, Howard… gave up. Left, died, it doesn't matter.


Additionally, on 5/7/2018, a follow up tale was written by ObserverSeptember, detailing the above events from both Howard and Pamela's point of view.

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