Item #: SCP-3812

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Try to stop it from using its anomalous effects on "large population centers". Because SCP-3812's abilities are the way that they are, a single person will have no idea that they're being affected.

Laconic Description: SCP-3812 is impossible to describe due to its abilities, but it used to be an African-American named Sam Howell who was "believed to have died in 1996". SCP-3812 will bend reality to conform with its understanding of the world. Because it does this, the Foundation can't lock it up.

SCP-3812 knows that it exists in a fictional universe and spends its time constantly travelling to higher and higher layers of metafiction hoping to reach the "real world". It's currently located over the South Pacific ocean, at coordinates 26°26’49”S 137° 56’27”W.

SCP-3812 is very paranoid, and has serious schizophrenia. Since it was discovered, its symptoms have gotten worse. Also since it was discovered, SCP-3812 has become less and less human-looking and now only looks partly Sam Howell-ish.

Additional Context: SCP-3812 did cause an XK event at one point. It turned into a bright, pointy star that spun faster and faster. Bad things started happening; SCP-610 in Siberia got worse, New Zealand's population stop existing and started existing on a constant loop for five hours, and Foundation warheads exploded, spraying radioactive stuff into the atmosphere. SCP-3812 started to rant while appearing in the center of the star. Eventually, the reader/author of the page convinces it to stop.

After this, SCP-3812 stayed in this shape. Only certain high-ranking Foundation personnel remembered this event (with the exception of Everett Mann, who put the information on a DEEPWELL server), and SCP-3812 became less aggressive. It will stay Keter-class until proven safe.

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