Item #: SCP-3812

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Try to stop it from using its anomalous effects on "large population centers". Because SCP-3812's abilities are the way that they are, a single person will have no idea that they're being affected.

Laconic Description: SCP-3812 is impossible to describe due to its abilities, but it used to be an African-American named Sam Howell who was "believed to have died in 1996". The Foundation realized it was anomalous when a building exploded in its presence.

It's currently located over the South Pacific ocean, at coordinates 26°26’49”S 137° 56’27”W. SCP-3812 will bend reality to conform with its understanding of the world. Because it does this, the Foundation can't lock it up.

SCP-3812 is very paranoid, and has a serious schizophrenia complex. Since it was discovered, its symptoms have gotten worse. Also since it was discovered, SCP-3812 has become less and less human-looking and now only looks partly Sam Howell-ish.

Additional Context: SCP-3812 did cause an XK event at one point. It turned into a bright, pointy star that spun faster and faster. Bad things started happening; SCP-610's outbreak in Siberia got worse, New Zealand's population stop existing and started existing on a constant loop for five hours, and Foundation warheads exploded, spraying radioactive stuff into the atmosphere. SCP-3812 started to rant while appearing in the center of the star. Eventually, the reader/author of the page convinces it to stop.

After this, SCP-3812 stayed in this shape. Only certain high-ranking Foundation personnel remembered this event (with the exception of Everett Mann, who put the information on a DEEPWELL server), and SCP-3812 became less aggressive. It will stay Keter-class until proven safe.

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