Item #: SCP-3761

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: The following actions are to be taken:

  • Butler County, Kansas is to be walled off from all civilians during SCP-3761
  • 100 million squirrels are to be created to replace the ones that will die during SCP-3761
  • They are to be placed in special containers
  • SCP-3761-A's true intelligence is to be hidden away from the public, and all carvings created by squirrels are to be confiscated
  • Containment procedures aren't really nessessary for SCP-3761-1, but they are still to be monitored

Description: SCP-3761 is an event in the future, where all squirrels on Earth will travel to Butler County, Kansas and attack each other.

SCP-3761-1 is a cult dedicated to the idea that squirrels are equal to humans

SCP-3761-A is all Squirrels on Earth. Squirrels are smarter than most apes and other animals, and can communicate by carving into trees.

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