Item #: SCP-375

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-375 is under surveillance by a team disguised as renovators and contractors. Anyone attempting to enter SCP-375 must be turned away with the cover story of indefinite renovations. All instances of SCP-735-1 are to be kept unconscious in the bank.

Laconic Description: SCP-375 is a bank located somewhere in Wyoming. Anybody who sees SCP-375 as a place to store valued items will be subjected to a cognitohazardous effect where the affected person may try to make a transaction, placing their items into the vault of SCP-375. SCP-375-1 refers to the eleven individuals within SCP-375 that act as employees of SCP-375. Anyone who makes a transaction within SCP-375 will receive an equivalent value, mostly cash or credit. Subjects may bring knowledge of SCP-375 to their others, resulting in them undergoing the same effect. As more and more people open accounts, SCP-375-1 may encourage individuals to place family members or friends into SCP-375. Such individuals being "withdrawn" may cause certain body parts to become those of other people, referred to as "compound interest" by SCP-375-1; if a certain amount of time has passed, individuals may become a person of similar appearance.

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