Item #: SCP-3663

Laconic Containment Procedures: The entity is to be kept in the maintenance tunnels for as long as possible, and should be brought back to the site whenever it escapes.

Laconic Description: A person made of cardboard that teleports around, grabbing people and moving them from place to place. The entity only appears in places considered to be 'pipes' or 'tunnels', and will repair itself automatically when damaged.

During the interview, it is revealed that the entity doesn't want to act like a monster, but feels they have to. The video transcript shows that they were once a child playing a game (in which they dressed up in a suit made of cardboard and chased their friend through pipes), but somehow became part of the game permanently. SCP-3663 becomes distressed once the person they were playing with dies, teleporting parts of themself into nearby staff.

Additional Context: The title of this article is a reference to a Sherlock Holmes story by the same name. This is irrelevant to the content of the article itself.

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