Item #: SCP-3597

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: The anomaly is kept in its chamber, along with any D-Class personnel assigned to contain it. They can request supplies or additional people, but cannot provide further information. Any additional D-Class must have their brains modified to prevent creation or retrieval of memories.

Laconic Recovery Log: MTF Pi-1 ("City Slickers") is sent to investigate. They repeatedly attempt to enter the building using various methods, and all fail, with increasing degrees of injury.

They suspect a cognitohazard is present, and send in MTF Eta-10 ("See No Evil"). They attempt multiple times, and only succeed after forgetting about the anomaly. They arrive in the kitchen and perish.

D-Class are sent in with helmets designed to prevent perception. They attempt to build a wooden container around the anomaly, but fail until personnel unskilled in construction enter.

Laconic Description: The description was expunged, and its effects are implied through the above log. It is an anomaly where "competence" and "incompetence" are inverted when handling information relevant to it.

Additional Context: SCP-3597 was written as an entry for Cliché-Con 2019, in Category 2 ("Article features a cliché story element.").

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