Item #: SCP-3432

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Prevent public awareness of SCP-3432 and evacuate areas where SCP-3432-A instances manifest until they disappear. Amnesticize witnesses.

Laconic Description: A non-sentient entity outside reality that is "anti-informational," and any regular information it contacts will be annihilated. SCP-3432-A instances are pockets of weak reality in which SCP-3432 can manifest on Earth. These appear in places with lots of computers or people since it is apparently attracted to complex information such as computer algorithms or brain chemistry.

After a series of leaked documents make their way around, an anartist makes art featuring an anti-informational memetic agent. People who see it become aware of anti-information, become controlled by SCP-3432 and unable to communicate. This meme spreads around the world, rendering most of humanity literally speechless.

Additional Context: SCP-3432 was made by team "Last Light" (☿K-Class “World of Babel” Global-Incomprehension Scenario) for the Doomsday Contest 2018.

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