Item #: SCP-3396

Object Class: Tiamat (Item poses an immediate threat to humanity, but can be "contained" via open warfare or other Veil-breaking operations)

Laconic Containment Procedures: Due to its nature it's not completely containable. Apprehending SCP-3396-01 entities is a priority. Keep specimens in hazardous bioform containment cell. If 15% of the of the Earths populace gets infested see Document 3396-ALABASTER.

Laconic Description: SCP-3396 is an extradimensional entity that continually affects more and more of the global human population. It's central "body" is in Death Valley in the Mojave Desert. It usually manifests as a massive biological structure possessing arboreal and insectile qualities. Physical exposure to it physically and metaphysically changes it. It also creates a weird blue substance that turns regular humans into SCP-3731 instances, an integral part of the Apotheosis canon, with which SCP-3396 can communicate via a kind of hive-mind.

Additional Context: SCP-3396 was made by team "Clever Gentlemen" (ℵK-Class "Apotheosis" Scenario) for the Doomsday Contest 2018.

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