Item #: SCP-3396

Object Class: Tiamat, A.K.A. basically Apollyon but not fully world-ending yet

Laconic Containment Procedures: Due to its nature it's not completely containable. Apprehending SCP-3396-01 entities is a priority. Keep specimens in hazardous bioform containment cell. If 15% of the of the Earths populace gets infested see Document 3396-ALABASTER.

Laconic Description: It is an extradimensional entity that continually affects more and more of the global human population. It's central "body" is in Death Valley in the Mojave Desert. It usually manifests as a massive biological structure possessing arboreal and insectile qualities. Physical exposure to it physically and metaphysically changes it. It also creates a weird blue substance that turns regular humans into SCP-3731 instances, an integral part of the Apotheosis canon, with which SCP-3396 can communicate via a kind of hive-mind.

Additional Context: Made by CadaverCommander for the Doomsday Contest 2018 as part of the "The Clever Gentlemen" team (ℵK-Class "Apotheosis" Scenario)

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