Item #: SCP-336

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Procedures: Given living quarters, and given maintenance by personnel, but only with women. She is to be granted things by her request unless if it involves anything anomalous or dangerous. Her voice modulator on her mouth must be checked. It can be unlocked by higher personnel for testing. If the device fails, lockdown will be proceeded until she is isolated.

Laconic Description: A pale woman in her late twenties with reptilian legs. She is highly intelligent, analytical, and also requires no sleep or sustenance. She highly demonstrates introverted behavior, spending most of her time admiring her reflection. In addition, any female subjects that have heard SCP-336’s voice will experience infertility for some time, but male subjects that sleep after hearing her voice will go into a coma and a tumor will grow on their body. The tumor will grow until it turns into a creature of combined species. These animals are referred to as SCP-336-1, and they are completely hostile.

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