Item #: SCP-3287

Laconic Containment Procedures: No more than 50 cylinders of it may exist. Handle with gas-proof hazmat suits. 3287-01 how to make SCP-3287 must remain within a metre of the sealed container it was found in. It is allowed to be used on animal and human populations with O5 and Ethics Committee approval.

Laconic Description: A gas made by the SCP Foundation to control the population of certain species.

There are 3 types of it.

-1: Exposure to it makes a living organism unable to reproduce whatsoever.

-2: The function is unknown.

-3: There is no documentation of it.

Additional Context: Made by OthellotheCat of Team "I don't wanna die" (ΩK-Class "End-Of-Death" Scenario) for the Doomsday Contest 2018

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