Item #: SCP-323

Object Class: Euclid.

Laconic Containment Procedures: It is to be kept inside a concrete cell. No personnel must enter it’s chamber unless if they are examining it’s integrity from it’s restraint measures. The cell must be surveyed always in any case of different behavior. If there is a breach, evacuate until forces retaliate it.

Laconic Description: It is a skull of an unknown cervid, (a Wendigo,) that looks damaged. SCP-323 is supposedly sentient, especially since it shows signs of hate towards people that speak English or French. It is capable of movement, hence, the mandatory surveying. When SCP-323 is worn by someone, they will slowly experience a huge body alteration, becoming a Wendigo, designated as SCP-323-1. SCP-323-1s always seek to eat humans.

Additional Context: An interview was made with an SCP-343-1 subject named James Namagoose. Namagoose explains his encounter with an actual Wendigo.

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