Item #: SCP-3165

Laconic Containment Procedures: Give SCP-3165 a normal human suite with a drain instead of a toilet and extra cushions. It should be taught English and American Sign Language by a female researcher and a guard armed with a non-lethal weapon. It should be given painkillers with every meal. Interact with it like it's a kindergartener.

Laconic Description: SCP-3165 is an adolescent girl that is abnormally tall and thin, and walks on all fours. The upper and lower jaws of a wolf protrude from the right side of its face, replacing its right eye and mouth, and bending the cartilage of its nose. These jaws have a bite strength slightly above that of a grizzly bear's. It has one eye that is partially blind. It can't talk like a human, so it communicates with sign language and throaty noises.

SCP-3165 is not fully human. Before containment, it survived by eating humans and stole their belongings, but is malnourished because it only ate humans and not much else. It has made several requests for feminine items, such as makeup and a wig.

SCP-3165 thinks like a six to seven-year-old human child. During an interview, SCP-3165 demonstrated an intense desire to touch Dr. Warrens, a female researcher, before being apprehended for scratching her face.

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