Item #: SCP-3101

Laconic Containment Procedures: Most efforts should be put toward trying to talk to SCP-3101 until physical containment of all instances gets worked out. Only MTF Lambda-12 members are allowed to sext it back when it starts sexting. The possibility that it was planted in the network by a hostile GoI is likely and being investigated. Keep SCP-3101-A in its containment chamber in Room E2 of Containment Wing C3 in Site-66. Don't make any more SCP-3101-As, or any like it. Don't get personal/physical with SCP-3101-A.

Laconic Description: SCP-3101 is a self-aware computer program that messes up text on the Foundation network if it feels like it, but it usually doesn't feel like it because it's nice to everyone. SCP-3101 is always aroused and will constantly try to sext Foundation employees. Its motives for doing this are unknown. At one point, the Foundation was gonna just erase it from the network, but the Ethics Committee didn't like that so they emailed each other a bunch and came to the conclusion that they'd be better off just taking it off the network and putting it in a human body, even though that's a load of trouble. They put it in a human body and it seems to be doing okay. The human one is now designated SCP-3101-A.

Additional Context: Right after they put it in a human body, they realized there were a bunch of other instances of it, not just one, so now there's one in a human body and an unknown number still messing with people on the Foundation network. When they find all the other instances, they're going to either put them on the same computer and merge their files or wipe them out individually, since they're technically all the same and don't have feelings (right?).

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