Item #: SCP-3090

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-3090 has teleported away and the SCP Foundation doesn't know where it is. They are looking for it. Before it teleported away, it was housed in a containment unit for humans. SCP-3090 can damage electronics within 10m, so electronics need to be kept 12m away except during testing periods.

Laconic Description: SCP-3090 is a television-headed humanoid who is neither human nor machine. It likes to provide a good gaming experience to humans. This can cause physical and emotional distress to both non-anomalous electronics and anomalous video game characters.

The Foundation did a lot of tests to figure out the extent of SCP-3090's abilities.

Even though humans momentarily lose consciousness when their characters die, SCP-3090 respawns at a GameStop when she dies. SCP-3090 is very good at video games and can only lose at video games intentionally.

Additional Context: SCP-3090 was created by gaycopmp4 and hetcopogg. She is one of the Misters Against Weed. Though on previous lists she was described as Mr. Mad About Video Games, on her list she is called Ms. Mad About Video Games. SCP-3090 does not like either of these names and she does not like her SCP designation. In psychological evaluations, she goes by Heather.

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