Item #: SCP-3063

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: All manifestations of SCP-3063 are to be killed. If anyone is targeted by SCP-3063, the victim is to be incinerated upon death.

Laconic Description: SCP-3063 is a reality-bender that takes the form of a talking fly. SCP-3063 will try to find a victim (an human), and will promise him to grant a wish. The fly will persist until the victim does not accept. Once SCP-3063's proposal is accepted, larvae will materialize in the victim's organs. The larvae will eat the victim untill death, while the latter watches in fear.

Additional Context: There are hidden sentences between the paragraphs of the article: Do you hear the buzzing? SCP-3063 was an entry in the SCP-3000 Contest, where it won 41st place.

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