Item #: SCP-3060

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep instances in storage and don't let more than 4 people be infected by it. When terminating an infected person, observe the HYPNOS Protocol so the infection doesn't spread.

Laconic Description: Devices resembling CPAP machines that cause SCP-3060-A entities to manifest next to the wearer when sleeping. After the first use -A's will appear even if the person isn't wearing the device.

SCP-3060-A are basically contagious sleep paralysis demons that infect people and cause health problems during waking hours. Neutralization is possible but very complicated. It is suspected that SCP-3060 infections have spread to the general public and are realistically uncontrollable.

Additional Context: SCP-3060 was an entry in the SCP-3000 Contest, where it won 25th place.

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