Item #: SCP-305

Laconic Containment Procedures: Staff in Site-305 is to have prior experience with SCP-305 with staff having no criminal records.

All instances of SCP-305 is to be destroyed immediately.

Laconic Description: Rock formation of humanoid. If a sentient subject views SCP-305, it'll appear to be mobile with a face described to human, while not. Human subjects viewing SCP-305 will begin a three phase process

  • Phase One: SCP-305 whispers nonsensical and disturbing compliments to the subject.
  • Phase Two: Subject begins to hear many voices from SCP-305, insulting the subject. If subject is to be removed from SCP-305 presence, they'll hallucinate mouth-like crack talking to the subject.
  • Phase Three: Subject is killed by SCP-305 manifestation, becoming a manifestation of SCP-305-1.

SCP-305-1 instances are similar to SCP-305, with their range being increased overtime.

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