Item #: SCP-3029

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Laconic Containment Procedures: Convince people that its behavior is normal that it still exists in our galaxy.

Laconic Description: The star "KIC 8462852," famous for the inexplicable irregularity of its dimming and brightening.

In the article, SCP-3029 possesses a massive array of solar panels encasing the star, powering a huge engine that is slowly moving the entire star and it's planets out of the Milky Way. These panels orbit the star and thus cause the dimming and brightening as seen from Earth.

The Foundation sends a team in an FTL1-enabled spaceship to investigate it, but as soon as they arrive their equipment shuts down and the ship is unable to move. After a few days, SCP-3029's entire solar system zips away faster than the speed of light.

As they return to Earth, the astronauts receive a transmission in which the inhabitants of SCP-3029 thank the Foundation for letting them scan and copy their FTL engine, stating that no other species had offered to help them. Apparently, now that they have FTL tech they became able to leave the galaxy and escape the "Calamity." The Foundation doesn't know what this "Calamity" is.

Additional Context: KIC 8462852 is actually a real star, as is its unusual dimming and brightening patterns. Several theories have been proposed to explain the phenomenon, ranging from dust clouds to alien superstructures.

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