Item #: SCP-3021

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: Instructions for performing SCP-3021 is only accessible to Level 4 personnel that are testing SCP-3021 or involved in Project Discovery.

Laconic Description: It is a treatment, created by someone whose name is censored. It is a memetic drug regimen that is performed for 1 hour per day for 8 days.

It's effects make someone's concept of humanity easily influenced, such that anything associated with Signifier 3021-Alpha (a "Q"-like symbol) will be treated as human, while anything associated with Signifier 3021-Beta (an "="-like symbol) will be treated as inhuman. Pairing any Signifier with a stimulus will cause affected people to adjust their understanding of humanity to add or exclude people associated with that stimulus.

Subjects exposed to the Alpha Signifier will experience exaggerated empathy to the targeted stimuli, while exposure to the Beta Signifier will result in unusually low empathy response. Amnestics do not affect SCP-3021.

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