Item #: SCP-3008

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: Block off all roads into the parking lot of SCP-3008. Monitor the building and allow no one to enter. If anyone exits SCP-3008, detain them for questioning. Then give them amnestics and provide a cover story if necessary.

Laconic Description: SCP-3008 is an IKEA store that is seemingly infinite in size. It has a day and night cycle, with the lights inside the store acting as light during the "day" and being off at "night". There are also a number of humans trapped within the store, who have setup a sort of rudimentary civilization, with cities named after the signs that hang above them.

SCP-3008-1 is the interior of the giant IKEA. The only way to enter SCP-3008-1 is by the store entrance, breaking down any walls visible on the outside simply show a non-anomalous IKEA section that would typically be situated in such a store. After passing out of view from the main-entrance, you will teleport to SCP-3008-1. The only exits that are located within the store are hard to find due to their position constantly changing and the SCP's sheer size.

SCP-3008-2 are the creatures that naturally dwell within SCP-3008-1. While resembling humans, they have oddly sized body proportions and lack facial features. They are passive during the "day" and hostile during the "night". They attack more and more frequently if a part of another instance is in the vicinity.

14 people have exited the building since initial containment.

Incident 3008-1 This is setup into two parts, the foundation's report, and the diary of the man who exited the building.

The report states that, on a certain date at 12:37 AM, a man escaped the building before being killed by an instance of SCP-3008-2. The instance was shortly killed afterward. The article states there is an autopsy report on the instance but as of 6/19/2017 there is none. The diary states the events the man sees within the IKEA prior to his escape and eventual demise. He spots some Foundation drones, takes up residence in a town called "Exchange", and makes several friends. The memory gaps that people have, such as not knowing that the Statue of Liberty exists, show that the people are all from alternate universes — this explains the lack of missing-person reports. Exchange is eventually destroyed by SCP-3008-2.

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